Jealousy= the worst characteristic trait one can have. It will knock you down for life. Cut it out!!! 🙅Women need to empower one another be happy for each other. Not too long ago I dealt with a person who felt this feeling towards me and till this day it still hurts me a little because of the relationship i had with them but I pray that they get rid of this feeling because it so ugly to feel that way especially if they go out of  their way to express it. It’s sad. And being the good hearted person I am it still affects me till this day. 💭  #life #mythoughtsconsumeme #staypositive #prayforthebest
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♛Queen of Glam
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Always and forever💯. 😍💄 #mypassion
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That’s okay, I didn’t need my heart.
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Drop dead stunning look by Ladydanger1 using Sugarpill eyeshadows, House of Lashes false eyelashes and Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrows. Absolutely love her work!
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The Lipstick Duchess mixed Sugarpill Hellatronic and Love Buzz pigments to create this gorgeous and unique custom lip shade. Love it!
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Opaque  by  andbamnan